Where do I start?

There is often a fair bit of confusion among business people where the World Wide Web is concerned. The informationin this section is provided as a general guide only. The prices quoted are representative of advertised prices across a wide range of providers on the web. It is always best to seek the advice of a trusted third party before making a decision. If you have any specific questions or requirements you can feel free to contact us, fill out the Information Request Form or email advice@tridesign.com.au.

Why would I get a website?

Websites are becoming an increasingly important part of business today. Websites can be used as promotional/marketing tools as well as delivering important information to your clients/customers.

Do I need to have a website to have the email address: me@mybusiness.com.au?

No. You would need to register the domain and have the name delegated to a provider who can supply email services. Email Hosting Costs: $16 per month - $60 per year.

How do I get a website?

Getting a Web presence for your business is a relatively simple process, just follow the steps below:
1. Domain Registration
2. Site Design
3. Hosting

1. Domain Registration

This is your www address - eg. www.mybusiness.com.au

.com or .com.au?

You musthave an ABNto register a .com.au domain. You will need to supply the business name, address, telephone number, an email address (valid at the time of registering) and an ABN/ACN. Cost: $88 - $140 for 2 years depending on the Registrar.

Anyone can register a .com domain. Businesses with a .com domain name are sometimes thought to be American/International businesses. Cost: $36 - $75 for two years depending on the Registrar.

It is often a good idea to purchase both the .com and .com.au names if they are available, to cover all bases. Depending on the Registrar you will receive important access information when registering a domain. Keep this information in a safe place.

Does having a domain mean that I have a website?

No. Registering the domain means that you have the name, nothing more.

2. Site Design

What's the difference between a Webpage and a Website?

Not much. Both terms are used to describe the information that is displayed when a viewer enters the www address into a web browser. The term "page" sometimes refers to a single section of a website eg. The "About Us" page.

What type of website should I have?

There are many different ways to display information on the Internet. You can ask someone who knows how to program or write in HTML (the language that is used for most websites), or you can change the information yourself quite easily using a Content Management System.
There are a number of advantages to using a Content Management System (or CMS as it is sometimes called):

  • Easily make frequent changes and additions to your site without paying outside vendors to do this work for you.
  • With a CMS it is harder to make mistakes as the "structure" of the site is in place.
  • Displays the changes as soon as you make them.
  • Simple to upload your pictures and files
  • A really good CMS will even let you change the words on your Menu Items, and even change the order that they display on your website.
    Automatic house-keeping of images, files and menu items.
  • Supports time-saving automation, eg. Newsletter archives and FAQ's, as well as value adding for clients/customers. Eg. Forums/Bloggs, Secure Client Area, etc.
  • Automatically generated sitemap of your website - important for search engines.
  • Quickly and easily add pages using different layouts. This can otherwise be a very time-consuming exercise.
  • Make changes yourself from anywhere at any time using a Web browser (such as Internet Explorer) instead of purchasing and learning Web authoring software.

3. Hosting

Do I need a Hosting?

Yes. The hosting is the place where the files that make up your site are stored. Speed and availability are important points to consider when choosing a hosting service. When someone visits your site they must access the files on your hosting. For this reason it is important that the computer that has your information on it is always working and connected to the Internet. Whilst it is possible to host websites from a single computer in someone's back shed connected via broadband, professional hosting companies have "clusters" of computers that are configured to take up the load should one fail, and high-speed fibre optic internet connections. These measures ensure the maximum "up time" for your site. Cost: $60 - $500 per year depending on the provider and package required.