Your Content

Without doubt, what will draw new customers and continue to draw existing customers to your website, is interesting, relevant, unique content.

At the risk of repitition, put yourself in your customers shoes. They neither care that you’ve been in the business since 1763, nor do they care to read volumes of content that they can find on an array of similar sites.

Try a  different take on your area of expertise.

Be seen as an authority on your subject. Do some research and present some expert opinion. Provide links to your relevant governing body which will support your opinion. Statistics help, but everything in moderation. Statistics can be a bit dry. 

The folk at Google Australia™ tell us that their ranking system looks for unique content which is keyword rich, in an effort to provide their clients, the browsing public, with the most accurate set of search results possible.  Fore more information on how your content can affect your ranking read Understanding the role of the Search Engine and your Content.   

The article below gives some pointers...

Content is king on a website

by Puneet Mehrotra

"Your Web site either makes the sale, or it doesn´t. Ninety-nine out of a hundred sites still don´t get the order. We blame that on suspicious, scared Web-consumers. " ~ Ken Envoy

The above statement maybe a bit exaggerated but it isn’t untrue that the sites that do get the orders obviously have something which the others don’t. If we start listing it we could start from copywriting, content, product description, the flow of site, the design factor etc.

Did you notice something? Except the last, the design factor, the rest are all content or writing related. How rightly someone said "content is king" for a website. Content can make or break a website. The power of the written word has been witnessed many a time. Products have become success stories, resumes transformed into high profile jobs, a 10 cent brochure into millions of dollars just because of the right word.

Susan Solomon wrote an interesting article in last week. A few things she said are quite relevant to content related issues. .

  • Add meat to case studies. Including case studies on your site is critical. Potential clients will be surprised if case studies aren´t there
  • Use third-party validation. Favorable articles from trade publications speak volumes.
  • Arbitrate industry news. Executives comb the Web for research on the competition and industry trends. Don´t hide helpful information in cumbersome white papers or expensive special reports. Post industry-related information on your site, and keep it updated.
  • Offer samples. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you´d be surprised. Don´t assume the person e-mailing your organization prefers a phone call in return. The fact they´re e-mailing suggests it´s the communication medium of choice. Unscheduled phone calls from vendors are often viewed as interruptions. E-mail, on the other hand, can be read and responded to at the customer´s convenience.
  • Answer e-mail with e-mail. Show how committed you are to new clients. Some companies allow potential customers to text-message their sales agents.
  • Be available. Some customers still need to see, touch, and pass around your presentation pieces. Provide a printer-friendly (and attractive) version of key Web site information. Make it as simple as possible to order presentation pieces and videos online. Always update print collateral so it´s well-integrated with your Web site (same look/feel and, more important, same message).
  • Integrate your message with other collateral. Does your customer expect you to look buttoned-up or have rolled-up shirtsleeves? How you depict team members is important. If customers expects a can-do team, take pictures of your staff working hard. Use language that implies the team is helpful and understands your client´s pressures.Take a cue from carpet and paint sellers that offer swatches to interested online customers. Let potential customers sign up for free 30-minute consults, online seminars, or other displays of your talents.
  • Pay attention to image.

Puneet Mehrotra is the Chief Web Strategist at and an Internet Columnist in, rated as one of the top 10 news sites in the world by Forbes.