How should it look?

The graphic design of a website (look and feel) is the art of using colour, form, shape, typography, illustration and layout to convey a message. The art lies in blending the various elements thatmake upgraphic design so they communicate the intended message to the intended audience. There may be multiple audiences and therefore multiple messages or impressions to communicate.

The design of a business website must make an immediate impact on the audience. It should:

  • reflect the type of business
  • establish the website's purpose and scope
  • be visually appealing
  • convey credibility
  • arouse interest
  • be friendly and non-threatening.

The site has to achieve all of these things instantly and simultaneously for the target audiences.

What to do

  • Look at the various designs of the websites that you use currently, they don't neccessarily need to be similiar businesses to yours, just make a list of sites that you find appealing and include notes on what the reasons are.
  • Look at the websites of competitors and note what you like and don't like.
  • Compile your list inlcuding the web addressesso that you can discuss themwithyour Web developer.